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͡ú Drinking Water
  • Drinking Water Quality Standards
  • Bottled Water Standards
  • Ground Water Standards for Drinking Proposes
  • سҾӷ Effluent
  • Industrial Effluent Standards
  • Water Characteristics Discharged into Deep Wells
  • Housing Estate Effluent Standards
  • Waste Dumping into Water Courses
  • Effluent Standard for Pig Farm
  • (Draft) Gas Stationand Oil Terminal Effluent Standard
  • ӷŪ½ Coastal Water Quality Standards
  • Classification of Coastal Waters
  • Coastal Water Quality Standards
  • Areas Classification for the West Coast of Phuket Island
  • 觹ӼǴԹ Surface Water
  • Classification and Objectives
  • Surface Water Quality Standards
  • Restricted Zone for Protecting the Source of Water Supply in Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR)
  • Թ Groundwater Quality Standards
  • Groundwater Quality Standards
  • ѵӨ״ Water Quality for Fresh Water Animal
  • Appropriated Water Quality Criteria for Aquatic Living
  • Maximum Allowance in Water

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